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Celebrating Over 8 Years On The BHD Battlefield

Interested In Joining-Up With The Vets ??

                                           Greetings  Visitor,                                  

       Welcome to The Delta Force BHD Veterans of War Website,
     otherwise known as: The Home of The Vets.



Delta Force BHD Veterans of War is a squad/clan of dedicated gamers
focused mainly on Delta Force Black Hawk Down. We are recruiting;
so if you are dedicated to playing BHD, and think you can live up
to our established reputation as a non-cheat, non-hack, and
non-left lean glitching squad, then this might be the place for
you.  We are only recruiting mature adults, who are friendly, 
personable, and find it easy to get along with others.  If thats you,
then we invite you to feel free to register & carefully read our
'Join Us' page.   In time, we will consider you for recruitment and authorize
you to wear -VoW- tags.  Give us a chance to get to know
you and you get to know us, during the recruitment process.

We are a squad that operates our own server and wear our tags
proudly, as we carry on our time honored-tradition as the
-VoW- Family of Players
....(drama free). 
Pls click on our the Join Us tab, located in the Navigation Box
(on the homepage) to read more about us, and obtain instructions
on posting a 'request to join application'...

Best Regards,
-VoW- CableGuy
Squad Recruiting Admin

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The Vets Are A Leading Force In The BHD World

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”
Benjamin Franklin, 1759

The Official Veterans of War Squad Video




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Thank You For Visiting Us Here At The Home of The Veterans of War !!


-vow-Black-Ice: Happy Thanksgiving to you also Killer and family
-VoW- Big Moose: Good to see you Killer. Drop in sometime and see us.
-VoW- KillnDude: BaCK at ya Bud!!!
KILLER: Hello Everyone !!.. Just dropped by to wish everyone: Happy Hawksgiving...wOoT !!.. I mean: Happy Thanksgiving !!...
-VoW- Loren: Hi Code thanks for saying hello began to think that no one was left....
-VoW- CODE: Hi Loren
-VoW- Loren: Hi everyone!! thought i would say hello!!!
-VoW- Big Moose: Hey Guys/Gals. Don't forget the event this Sunday.
-VoW- Big Moose: Matt. You should never let your rifle get dusty
-VoW- DeeR: Matt hey bud long time good to see ya
-VoW- Matt199: O.O *Blows the dust off riffle* I'm back O.o
-VoW- Big Moose: Check Out for the Upcoming Events
-VoW- Muscles McGee: weezer! hope to see ya soon brotha!
-VoW- Joe Friday: Hi Weezer!!
-VoW- CODE: Weezy......WAS CRACKALACK'IN.....
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