For Those Interested In Joining The -VoW- Family of Players.. PLEASE READ !!


WELCOME To The -VoW- Family of Players !!

Hello Potential Member,

Please be advised we pride ourselves on maintaining good chemistry among our Membership. If you are seriously interested in VW Membership... We will need for you to post in our PUBLIC FORUMS your REQUEST TO JOIN.   BUT FIRST, we need you to read the following, so we can tell you abit about us and our requirements and to ask you some questions, so we can get some idea of your following qualifications, so we can determine if you are to be eligible for recruitment. 
You don't have to be a great player.. you need to be able to get along with people, and....

Please give us the following background information:
  * What squads have you been (or currently) affiliated with.
  * What other names have you used in your tenure playing BHD
  * Your age**
  * Do you have a mic and have access to teamspk 3 ?
  * Can you avoid excess chatter (on teamspk) and carry yourself in a mature fashion, be 
        respectful and avoid using any profanity.  We are a family oriented squad, so we refrain from 
        using any bad language, out of respect for our fellow members, and kids who frequent our 

...if we think of anything else, we will let you know.

**minimum age to join VoW Veterans of War is 20 years old
...we can show some flexibility on that min age if maturity level dictates...


* no participation requirements
     ....we figure if you come-in to play...your here cuz you want to be... we are very easy going.
*donations are voluntary and all monies collected, apply to out server & stat page,
    and partially applied to the costs associated with the website.

 VW Kllnud pays the TeamSpeak.
 *no drama 
 *no hasels
 * we run our own server... but we like to play where the action is.  We play what we want      
        (mainly a TKOTH squad)... and operate an "all weapons' server
  * we do not condone cussing, vulgar or inapprorpiate language.
  * we require you have a mic and teamspk 3..but you do not have to be in tspk everytime you play.
       .... we dont have alot of younger players.. so, mindless chatter in our tspk must be kept to a 
  * most of us been playing together for 5 to 7years.
       ...we pride ourselves on our good chemistry.  we ask no one loose their temper and if your
          not enjoying the game...   just step away for awhile and take a break.

As always..
No cheats, chams or hacks are tolerated. If your IP matches-up to an alias - caught cheating... you will be dismissed.  Once you obtain membership; playing under an assumed name is prohibited and your are required to wear your -VoW- tags at all times.  Pls mind the rules in the host server you are playing in.  We have a good reputation that took along time to establish.  It can be tarnished in 10 min of stupid behavior.. we ask everyone get along and go with the flow

Thank You for your interests in joining VW.
Best rgrds,

VW Kllnud
Chief Recruit Administrator


-VoW- Code of Conduct


Welcome Website Visitors -Our House Rules !

We ask while you visit our website, as our valued guests, that you conduct your dialogue (including displaying any pics, sigs, and avatars) in a respectful (non-vulgar/ non-racist) manner. We take alot of pride in our website and want everyone to enjoy exclusive access to our forums, without having to be exposed to lewd or offensive behavior (or illustrations). 

The following "IS PROHIBITED":

* foul language or vulgarity
* left lean glitching
* no satchel stacking
* Running Cheats, Chams, or any Aim-bots are strickly prohibited.
* disrespect or hostile name-calling.
    (the use of the "n" word, for example, is cause for immediate ban here)

Please remember this WEBSITE or OUR SERVER is not a platform for venting, ranting, or expressing unrestrained behavior. Please make yourselves at home and Enjoy Yourselves...  That means: NO DRAMA !!!

Welcome to the Home of the  VoW Family of Players

VW Kllnud


 To The VW Family of Players,

While populating remote servers, you are required to conduct yourself
in a respectful manner.  Please make sure you follow the respective  'house rules'  acceptable for fair play. Do not argue with the admin.  Rules differ from server to server; its your responsibility to remember while you wear our tags... your projecting the overall reputation that took many of us a long time to establish, in the BHD Community.  It can be tarnished in 10 min of stupid behavior.. we ask everyone get along and go with the flow.  You will be held accountable for any illicit behavior.

 Remember...playing the game is about having fun AND NOT

* It is strictly prohibited for VW Members to post inflammatory
posts in remote clan websites for the sole purpose of inciting
discord with otherwise friendly squads.   If you have an issue...
follow a protocol and discuss with a VW  Leader or post in
the PRIVATE SECTION of OUR WEBSITE... so, we can
follow-up and decide the best course of action. Be particularly
respectful to the admin in other servers.. their job is to maintain order
in their own server and manage it as they see fit.  Don't make their job more difficult.

* It is strictly prohibited for VW Members to express in a
remote server how the host should run their server. Lets
remember its their admin's responsibility to conduct affairs
based on the rules they set..  not us.    If you have an issue
regarding server policy, in the server... go ahead and make an
inquiry as to what constitutes server policy.. but never accuse
a leader of a host server of cheating.  Remember we are guests
in their server.


No cheats, chams or hacks are tolerated EVER and are grounds for immediate dismissal from the squad.  You must use your official game
name (no playing under assumed names), and you must always wear your tags.  Same rules apply in remote servers as they do in our server, when it comes to acceptable conduct.  You cannot join another BHD clan while your affiliation is active with this one (or visa versa)... and doing so is cause for immediate dismissal.  Your association in other games (outside the bhd game) is your business, but while you remain in the bhd domain, you are bound by our rules and regulations.  If you are not sure
on our position (as a matter of our policy) it is up to you to ask the -VoW- Leadership to clarify our position.

...thank you !



-VoW- Doctrine (All Members Must Read and Understand Our Protocols) - Code of Conduct extension


A  General Policy of "Live and Let Live"
(until we get a chance to slaughter you on the

We have some basic principles that we adhere to at The Veterans of War
    in order to maintain organizational cohesiveness:


    1)  We Watch Our Language... (We are a family squad)

    2)  No Glitching  (a leader reserves the right to warn-off anyone considered in a compromising
              positon that is subjectively determined as a glitch, and inconsistent with our gaming rules),
               like for example: a player running sideways in a container or tunnel wall, while shooting
               down range.  This includes left lean glitching, when a player has their weapon penetrating
               the object infront of them.

    3)  No cheats or chams

    4)  We Adhere To Good Sportmanship, and Extend Proper Courtesy to Our Allies and Guests.

    5)  Specific Duties Are Assigned to the Commanding Officer and  Delegated to the   Senior Leader: Second In Command (position).  -VoW Officers will also have
delegated duty assigments, consistent with their official title.  These are clearly outlined in the Active Member List.

    6) Our Teamspeak is "a private venue".  The only non-members allowed free access are Allied Members, Leaders from other squads, certain highly recruited guests (as determined by the C.O. and Senior Recruiter), and vendors (who provide services to -VoW-).  If you turn in your tags, access to our teamspk will
be prohibited, even if you join an allied squad.   -VoW- Leadership reserves the
right to restrict access to our teamspk... regardless.

We lead From The Top Down (In a ranking order...see ACTIVE MEMBERS LIST for assigned duties)...
    Our Officers have specifically assigned duties.  Our Leadership provides a service to our members, in a supportive roll.  Their duties are to assist new members in getting established; to provide a leadership roll by directing the membership (on conduct issues), by enforcing (not re-writing)
          established rules, by conveying a coherent and consistent existing  -VoW- Policy.  Leaders are picked  based on exemplary and dedicated conduct, and must be commited to being honest, objective, and to act in accordance in the best interests of the squad, above self-interest.  "Squad Comes First !"

Disarming, Punting, or Banning a Player.
       -VoW- Admins (Leadership) have the right to punt or ban anyone they see fit... This is 'our house' and
      non-members frequent our server, as guests, and must adhere to our rules and regulations... like
      an invited guest in your house.  All guests will be held accountable for their behavior.
    If a guest OR another member appears to be glitching and does not heed our warnings to move, or repeats said infractions, then we reserve the
    right to disarm, or eventually punt, or ban.  When viewing someone in a compromising
position (glitching).. be polite and warn them off, by asking them to "check their postion",
especially if it is a fellow member in attendance in our teamspk... usually these situations
can be rectified in a short friendly exchange of views, drama free.

Cheats and Chams.
    Anyone determined to be running cheats or chams are immediately subject to dismissal from our server,
    and any further visiting privileges will be revoked.   It is not the burden of the Leadership at -VoW- to prove whether
   a player is cheating... this is our house.  In my house, I do not have to prove someone is stealing from me before,
   I ask them to leave my home.  So, goes our server.  Always remember, non-members are 'guests', and expected to
   mind their manners and not wearout their welcome.

Teamspeak Access Rules

*Updated Teamspeak Policy

1. Teamspeak will be made available to guests that frequent our server.

2. Language in Teamspeak will be PG-13.

3. Vulgar, Hatespeech, or Abusive Language Will Not Be Allowed.



madmaxxx: wow i cant find a game that dont have 12 year old playing. thinking about coming back. where is everyone left playing??
VoW Storm: Howdy everyone! Hope you are having a great day!
-VoW-GEflash: Merry Christmas
-VoW- ARMY: waaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuupppppp
-VoW- ARMY: Hey
-vow- killjoy: 8163450115 call me
-vow- killjoy: hey all
HossBoss: new wedstie by
-VoW-GEflash: Hey Max hope all is well
madmaxxx: hello to my old friends. i miss the games....
madmaxxx: just checked the old site. its been a long time i cant believe its still up..I havent been on bhd for a long time
VoW -X-treme: my steam = xtremedfx
-VoW- Predator: I dont know if I can even remember how to get to TS.
-VoW- Predator: Hate to see the end, will try something new.
-VoW-GEflash: MAX Give it a try
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