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madmaxxx: wow i cant find a game that dont have 12 year old playing. thinking about coming back. where is everyone left playing??
VoW Storm: Howdy everyone! Hope you are having a great day!
-VoW-GEflash: Merry Christmas
-VoW- ARMY: waaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuupppppp
-VoW- ARMY: Hey
-vow- killjoy: 8163450115 call me
-vow- killjoy: hey all
HossBoss: fow-squad.com new wedstie by
-VoW-GEflash: Hey Max hope all is well
madmaxxx: hello to my old friends. i miss the games....
madmaxxx: just checked the old site. its been a long time i cant believe its still up..I havent been on bhd for a long time
VoW -X-treme: my steam = xtremedfx
-VoW- Predator: I dont know if I can even remember how to get to TS.
-VoW- Predator: Hate to see the end, will try something new.
-VoW-GEflash: MAX Give it a try
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