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United We Stand





-VoW- Joe Friday: Hey Maf. Hope you're well!
-VoW- KillnDude: Hi MAF
MAF: How is everybody doing? Long time no see
-VoW- HossBoss: power running
-VoW-Bamboo: Still in Tn.Hoping to head home thursday.
-VoW- Joe Friday: I got dibs on shooting Korvan in da face, first!!
Korvan: Thanks Tull, Hey KD sent you a message
-VoW- tullfan: Looking back its seems i didnt send the message, think isaid someting like talk to KD hes the man
Korvan: Hey Tull I have no message man at least not on this site from you
-VoW- tullfan: SEnt you a message Korvan
Korvan: KillinDude just wants to kill me
-VoW- KillnDude: Or was it?????
-VoW- tullfan: Korvan Your name is still in the active members list. You wouldn't be removed without notification
Korvan: Wow it has been so long my account was removed
-VoW- KillnDude: Im here and I don't see you anywhere
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